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Virtual Training

We have dozens of virtual training options from our comprehensive Online Academy (14 courses), to pre-recorded training programs, to live programs – presented virtually. CLICK HERE to learn more about all of our virtual training solution. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, click the contact us tab at the top of the home page and I’ll give you a call.

Situational Awareness Matters!

Situational Awareness Matters website launched on October 1, 2011 and has since welcomed over two million visitors from 156 countries. The site is dedicated to improving first responder situational awareness and high-risk decision making.

On the site you will find incredible resources about Situational Awareness challenges and solutions. You can sign up for our free newsletter, listen to hundreds of free episodes of the Situational Awareness Matters Show and access free articles designed to improve your understanding of situational awareness.

Visit Situational Awareness Matters! at

“Get in the Loop” Tour

Flawed situational awareness is a leading contributing factor in near-miss and casualty events. In 2007 the “Get in the Loop” Tour was launched to help improve the understanding of situational awareness for individuals and teams working in high-stress, high consequence environments. Over 100,000 attendees from across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand have attended a live Tour Stop event.

These programs have been described by attendees as: “Critically important,” “Eye opening,” and “A must attend.” If you’re interested in discussing a keynote or workshop for your organization simply click the “Contact Dr. Gasaway tab at the top of the home page or call: 612-548-4424.

Educational Materials

Among the educational materials in our store are four very powerful and popular safety programs programs available on DVD.

The Mental  Management of Emergencies shares the critically important lessons we’ve learned through science about how first responders make decisions in high-stress, high-consequence environments. (3 DVD set containing 4.5 hours of content)

Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder shares valuable insight about fifty situational awareness barriers – stealth killers of first responders. The program discusses how to develop and maintain situational awareness and how to overcome barriers faced by first responders at emergency scenes. (3 DVD set containing 3.5 hours of content)

Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & Best Practices outlines ten common mistakes that contribute to firefighters getting killed while fighting residential dwelling fires and offers ten best practices to fix the mistakes. (1 DVD containing 2 hours of content)

Training for Failure: Why some first responder training must change sets the foundation for training excellence by explaining to instructors how the student brain learns, comprehends and recalls lessons, both cognitive and muscle memory. This is followed by powerful examples of how first responders are being trained to fail and offers best practices for how to improve first responder training. (1 DVD containing 2 hours of content)

All four DVD programs programs are designed for an audience of public safety providers but the lessons can be applied to military, medical, aviation, utilities, highway safety and others who work and train in high risk, high consequence environments.

CLICK HERE to view all our educational materials.

Our Services


Dr. Gasaway’s safety and leadership keynotes have been delivered to public safety, military, medical and business professionals throughout North America, Europe and Asia. His high energy, humor-filled delivery style is a hit with audiences. Feedback and evaluations confirm his messages are strong, on-point, relevant and readily usable by program attendees….


Dr. Gasaway uses adult learning principles to guide his workshop facilitations.  He sparsely uses PowerPoints even for programs that last 40 hours. His presentation philosophy is based on two principles: Principle 1: A facilitator should possess such a level of understanding and expertise with the topic that makes the use…

Leadership Coaching

Dr. Gasaway provides leadership coaching for first-level through executive positions. The type and design for coaching is customized based on the needs of the client. Popular coaching topics include: Preparing for advancement (including testing and interview processes), dealing with difficult personnel scenarios and improving interpersonal communications skills.


Dr. Gasaway’s consulting services focuses on three areas: Leadership, safety and expert witness. Leadership: Leadership consulting services include assessing opportunities to improve leadership competencies of supervisors and those aspiring for positions of leadership; assessing recruitment, hiring and retention practices; assessing operational efficiencies to ensure the maximum utilization of resources. Safety:…