SAMatters on-line Academy: This 14-module on-line program brings together the powerful content of two live programs: Mental Management of Emergencies and Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder. This course will change your entire outlook about situational awareness and emergency scene safety.

Two new DVDs released: Gasaway Consulting Group announces the release of two powerful first responder DVD programs. “Training for Failure: Understanding why some first responder training must change” and “Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & best practices.”

Situational Awareness Matters “Get in the Loop Tour” is going down under. Dr. Richard B. Gasaway has been invite to present seven programs, including the 2013 AFAC and Bushfire CRC Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

PennWell book released: Situational Awareness for Emergency Response (PennWell Publishing) has been released. The book shares critical lessons for first responders and discusses the barriers that impact the development of situational awareness.

eBook released: Situational Awareness Matters, Volume 2 is now available. The book is a compilation of 3o articles from the popular Situational Awareness Matters! website, compiled in one downloadable document – easy to read and easy to share with your members. Click here to order a copy today!

2015 programs being scheduled: If you’re interested in scheduling Dr. Gasaway for a presentation, now is the time to act to ensure the dates you want will be available. Contact him at:

Educational materials and the Learning Library: Visit our store for educational DVDs, books and audio programs. There are also free outlines, articles and reference materials available in the learning library.