FAQs and Policies

How do I host a program or contact you?

Just click on the “book Dr. Gasaway” link and send us a note telling us what
you’re interested in. We’ll get back to you to discuss the details.

How much does a program cost?

The cost of a program varies depending on the topic, length of the program and travel costs.
Contact us and we’ll work out all the details with you.

Some people think because speaker fees are high, the speaker is “getting rich” teaching classes.

Please, allow me to debunk that myth here for you.

Here is how a program fee breaks down:

Program Fee: 100%
Less travel expense: Deduct 18%
Less insurance expense: Deduct 7.5%
Less employee payroll expense: Deduct 13%
Less business overhead expense: Deduct 16%
Less federal, state and self-employment taxes: Deduct 20%

Percent of the fee paid to the presenter: 25.5%

An example

Assume all the the income from all the programs a presenter did for an entire month totaled $20,000.

The amount paid to the presenter for that month (after all the expenses are paid) would be 25.5% of the $20,000… or $5,100 for the month.

If you annualize the $5,100 monthly income (multiply it by 12 months) the presenter would be paid $61,200 for the year.


Do you do custom programs?

Yes. In fact, custom programs are our specialty. We’ll spend time,
up front, learning about your special needs and then work with you
to customize a powerful program that meets your needs.

How far in advance do I have to book a program?

That is difficult to answer. There are times of the year that are
more popular than others for schools and conferences and our
Associates do have some limitations on when and how much they
can travel. These are details that can be after you make a
program inquiry.

Can you present on any fire service topic I want?

No. Each of our Associates have areas of specialty in leadership,
training, and officer development. Topics such as managing and
leading change, dealing with difficult people, understanding
motivation, recruitment and retention are our specialty.

Our Associates are recognized as national authorities on team
building, training program development, leadership, fireground
command decision making, situation awareness, and fire
department operations.

If we do not possess the expertise to teach the topic you want, we
will tell you so, and then we will refer you to someone who can
provide you with an excellent program.

Where can I buy your books and videos?

You can purchase our books and videos by clicking on the
“Educational Materials” link.

Do your associates mentor/coach other officers?

Yes. It’s one of the most enjoyable things we do. We have helped
scores of firefighters become officers, mentoring many officers in
their quest to become chiefs, and coaching numerous chiefs in
their personal development or helping them through challenging
times. Typically, coaching and mentoring is done over the
telephone or via the Internet and sessions are conducted during
evening and weekend hours to avoid conflicts with our full-time
work schedules. Contact us and we’ll discuss how we can help you
be your very best.

Company Policies

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For individuals registered to attend a program, a full registration
refund will be granted for cancellations received up to 10 business
days prior to the start of the program. Cancellations received
between 6 – 10 business days prior to the program date will be
subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations received within 5
business days will not receive a refund. This cancellation policy
applies to all programs where participants register on-line through
www.RichGasaway.com. All cancellations must be made in writing
by e-mail to Support@RichGasaway.com or standard mail service

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC
1769 Lexington Avenue North, Suite 177
St. Paul, MN  55113-6522

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC reserves the right to cancel a
program at any time and will be liable only for refunding the
program deposit fee.

Program & Services Payment Policy

All programs, unless explicitly stated otherwise, require
prepayment of registration fees. The late fee policy is listed below:

Late Payment Fee Policy

Full payment of a registration fee is due prior to the program
delivery. Registered participants who are not pre-paid may be
removed from the program to make room for wait listed participants.

If a registered participant is does not pre-pay, the program fee will
increase $25. A pre-registered participant is responsible for
payment regardless of program attendance.

Product Payment Policy

Full payment for product purchases are due within 30 days of
invoice. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days are subject to a
finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual percentage rate).

Inquiries to these policies should be addressed to:

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC
1769 Lexington Avenue North, Suite 177
St. Paul, MN  55113-6522


Anytime there is a conflict between a client contract and the
policies posted on this website, the client contract will take

Associates of the Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC are
independent contractors.