Leadership Coaching

When you are in a leadership role it can be challenging to get feedback about your
effectiveness from those who work for you.
As much as you may be liked by your subordinates, most will not offer you an honest,
constructive assessment of your performance because they perceive it as too risky.

Equally, it is difficult for you to assess your own effectiveness and to be honest with yourself
about where your opportunities are for improvement.

A leadership coach is an independent, objective, supportive, constructive resource for you.
The coach is someone you can confide in and share your most challenging issues and your
most exciting opportunities with.

A good coach is an attentive listener and an avid supporter. The coach can help you
improve your effectiveness by offering feedback and advice that you cannot get from others.

A leadership coach is…

A sounding board for you to bounce your ideas off of.

A developer of your leadership skills, reinforcing your best skills and traits and helping you
develop new ones.

A confidant for your ideas or an outlet for the things that cause you frustration.

A resource to help you troubleshoot and brainstorm solutions to challenging issues you face
at work.

There to encourage you and to help you develop and grow as a leader.

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Specialty Coaching Services

Coaching for National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program students
(I do not write EFO papers, nor will I conduct your research for you. I will provide coaching on how to
develop and produce a successful EFO project.)

American Psychological Association (APA) writing coach
(I do not write research papers, but I will coach you on APA compliant writing.)

Job Search/Career Advancement Coach
(I can help hone your interview, resume, and presentation skills in preparation for a new job or promotion.)